💥 We published the largest telemedicine study in Europe with 84,000 patients


🔍🤩 We are immensely proud to share with you one of the largest telemedicine study ever published in the world with 84,000 patients included, after 2 years of collaborative hard work with the LET (Les Entreprises de Télémédecine).

💥Led by our director Dr Robin Vicken Ohannessian MD MPH PhD, in collaboration with Dr Julie Salomon from Qare.fr, this study was also the largest telemedicine study ever published in France. We showed that the rate of teleconsultations was twice more higher in medically underserved areas in France, and were most occurring by video during the day, during the week, with GP in primary care.

🌍📚 Additionally, this study uniquely pooled data from competing telemedicine companies including Teladoc HealthLivi FranceQare.frMEDADOMDoctolibFeeli and TESSAN and showed that teleconsultation is a key driver in improving access to care.

🚀 Our team’s dedication to advancing healthcare through telemedicine research is unwavering. We are eager to continue with more pioneering research in telemedicine in France and around the world.

Link: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/37643308/