Global Digital Health Transformation


TLM360 is a global digital health transformation company.

Our mission is to support the digital transformation of healthcare systems through innovative services and solutions.

Our values are to promote evidence-based practices, to design context-driven solutions and consider multi-stakeholder perspectives.


Télémédecine 360 is a consulting company dedicated to health innovation focused on digital health with globally recognized expertise in telemedicine and telehealth.

Telemonica is a digital health platform dedicated to the development of digital therapeutics based on remote patient monitoring promoting enhanced value-based care.

DengueGame is a digital serious game to improve prevention and awareness of dengue. The game was developed in partnership with Focus Games Ltd and can be adapted to countries and local needs.

TLM360 Invest is an early-stage investment fund dedicated to digital health and life science start-ups. We offer financial support and market expertise to empower teams to deliver value and growth.



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