TLM360 Invest

TLM360 Invest provides dedicated investment to promising digital health start-ups across the world. We offer financial support and market expertise to empower teams deliver value and growth.

Biloba is the 1st Pediatrics On-Demand telehealth app that connects all parents to a pediatrician without appointment, any day and by instant messaging. Raised 1.2M€ in pre-seed in 2020 and 1.4M€ seed in 2021 led by Aglaé Ventures and ID4

Omnidoc is a telehealth platform supporting physicians and healthcare professionals to perform teleexpertise (eConsult). Raised 3M€ in 2021 led by Kurma Ventures and Newfund

Silbo is a digital health solution focused on patient flow management for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Raised 1M€ in 2020 led by West Web Valley.

SleepDoctor is a telehealth service focused on improving sleep disorders screening, diagnosis and treatment.